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Marvel Heroes

So, I signed up for an account for Gazillion Entertainment’s Marvel Heroes website in order to fill out the closed beta survey. They sent the survey a few days ago which I answered all of their typical questions of age, can your system run the game, etc. One of the questions, however, was something I spent a fair amount of time answering. They asked “Why would you make a good closed beta tester” to which my response was this.

Marvel Heroes Survey Response (shout out to Mancer and Liz! Beware the spitters!)

I may have got a bit overboard, but this is David Brevik’s new company! Creator and lead programmer for the original Diablo David Brevik. Plus, he’s making a free to play Marvel MMO with Diablo style gameplay. Check out Marvel Heroes website to look for yourself.

This afternoon I received an email from Marvel Heroes with the subject line “Marvel Heroes Closed Beta Invite”. Let’s just say, the email started like this… “Greetings! You are invited to join our Closed Beta test of Marvel Heroes…”


Due to the NDA I agreed to, I can say that I am part of the test, but nothing that Gazillion Entertainment hasn’t already posted publicly. So now I get to share my gaming time between obtaining a Legendary Weapon in Guild Wars 2, Path of Exile, Borderlands 2, and now Marvel Heroes.

Thankfully I don’t to worry about Diablo III taking any of my time any more.