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Lunesta Vs Ambien CR

Due to numerous stresses in my life, I haven’t gotten more than two to three hours of sleep at a time for the last two and a half months, and with that some other unfortunate complications. I finally went to my physician to see what’s wrong with me and he gave me some samples of Lunesta. “The one with the butterfly in the commercials” he says to the guy who hasn’t had cable television for over five years. I’ve taken them nightly for the past five days and while it takes about forty-five minutes to start feeling the effects, I still wake up every two to three hours.

I just want to sleep!

My brain has felt like thick oatmeal for the past six weeks. I’m sleep deprived. And while I can function in society, anything that requires higher brain functions such as everything I have to do at work, takes far too long for me to complete. I figure five days is long enough of a trial, so I called today and told my doctor’s assistant that I’m still not sleeping through the night and asked for some Ambien CR which I know works after my flight to and from Japan a couple of years ago. Thankfully I was able to some samples from him again because this stuff is ridiculously expensive and of course since it likely works, my health insurance won’t cover a prescription to it. Go figure.

Tonight is my first night with the Ambien. Here’s to hoping…

(“what your soul sings” massive attack – 100th window)

[Update April 10th, 2010]

While the Ambien CR does kick in within a few minutes of taking the dosage, and it does offer me 4 hours of sleep before I wake up, after two nights of it working alright, the following two nights of medications didn’t even register. I felt a little “buzzed” but nearly as strong as before, and I only got three hours of sleep before I suddenly awoke. Instead of running the risk of gaining an addiction to the medications, I’m just not going to take them anymore. I’m going to try sleeping on the couch tonight to see if that helps.

[Update April 11th, 2010]

No luck, woke up every hour and a half. I’m seeing my physician tomorrow for blood lab-work, and then my psychologist Tuesday. -_-

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