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SSX: Blur (Revisited)

SSX: Blur - Kaori

So I’ve spent a bit more time SSX: Blur and my opinion of the game has changed only in the fact that I can enjoy it more now… Most of the time. While I have gotten better at most of the basics and the Ãœber Tricks and have gained some points to increase my stats (edging, speed, tricks, and boost), I still don’t quite “feel” like I should playing an SSX game. On edge.

Most of that is because there are parts of the game that are exceptionally frustrating. I’m stuck on Peak 1. Why? Because the Slalom is my new worst enemy. You thought thought it was hard racing chocobos to get those balloons was hard in Final Fantasy X? It’s got nothing on trying to hit those damned poles without careening past them on the wrong side. If I ever get past it, I’ll let you know.

Another problem I have with the game is that there is very little expanation. How do I get to the second peak? Is there really any difference between skis or boards? And why the hell is the font so small? It’s hard to read the inane mumblings the skiiers spout during the loading screens.

Perhaps with a lot more practice I’ll get really good at it. But then, when my time is caught between Final Fantasy XII, Titan Quest, Super Mario Strikers, Guildwars, Super Swing Golf, and about a dozen others, it’s not easy to be the game most likely to cause me to intentionally send my Wii-mote through my tv.

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