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Not 10 Minutes Later…

I swear, it’s not 10 minutes after I start tweaking the blog and I get a warning saying that version 2.1.1 of WordPress could have malicious code in it by some hijacker. Oi. Thankfully, DreamHost made it really easy for me. I just go to the “One-Click Installation” tab in my control panel and choose to upgrade WordPress. An hour or so later, it’s already done for me. The happy installation robot told me it would only take 5 to 10 minutes, but I’m going to bet that thousands of other people were updating their installations as well, so I can give them slack for that.

Otherwise everything has been moving along pretty smoothly. I am debating whether or not to bring my old blog over to here… For archival sake. We’ll see how hard it is do install MovableType on a remote server.

For the mean time, however, I have to clear off 150Gb of stuff from one of my HD’s so Sabrina can take it back down to Kalamazoo and load that thing up with gigs and gigs! Of anime!

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