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Mancer and I just watched 300 on a decently sized digital screen. It is one of those movies that you need to watch in the theatre. It’s an epic, plain and simple. I remember watching a trailer for it nearly a year ago and thought that it looked interesting even if the title was less than memorable. Now, of course, the title will pretty much stick in my head. I love big movies. I can’t help it. I told Mancer that I wanted to watch it and he said “But it’s really violent, why do you want to watch it?”

“Umm… because I’m an American?” He accepted that as a viable reason and he must have been more than curious about the movie since he came along as well, though I don’t think he enjoyed it as much as I did. I knew that it was going to be violent and I can tune most of that out. I knew what the outcome of the movie would be; don’t worry, I won’t tell any spoilers here. But it was still damn fun to watch. Just leave your brain at the door, and be prepared to be entertained for the next two and a half hours. Simple as that.

To give you an idea, I sometimes like movies more for their presentation and… visual creativity than their plot. Movies like “Kung Fu Hustle“, “The Cell“, and “Dark City” are all in my personal movie collection. Not necessarily because they’re great movies, but because I love their stylistic atmosphere. The fact that his movie was adapted from a Frank Miller graphic novel really shines through in a few parts of the film. Kind of like Road to Perdition, I didn’t know it was a graphic novel until after watching it and noticing how some of the scenes were framed almost exactly like they would in a comic book. That’s when Alchemise informed me of the origin of the movie.

I read a review on the movie and it had it’s normal advisory warning of what type of content to expect: Severed limbs, stylized blood, lots of violence, nudity, simulated Spartan sex. Enh? How do you simu… okay, I guess I’ll just have to watch it then. Lena Headey has a very nice body, and can command a performance when given a chance. I think I’ll leave it at that.

Overall, it is pretty gory, but it’s a good watch, and it’s certainly one that needs to be experienced in a movie theatre, not just on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD at home.

Now, I needs to get my Titan Quest on and kick some ass around SPARTA!

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